The Updated 2022 Guide to Microblading

If you haven’t yet enjoyed the incredible benefits of getting your eyebrows microbladed, no need to worry because 2022 is your year and you are going to revel in having microbladed brows. Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered with how to pick a microblading artist as well as how to get your glam on.

Get Your Glam On

The first step in getting you brow glam on is by researching the best microblading salon near you. If you live in a more rural or suburban landscape with a lack of big-city features, we recommend you look to travel somewhere to get your brows done right. Remember, this is a semi-permanent beauty treatment, so you don’t want to pick just any woman down the street who is in need of clients for practicing on while working out of her family’s kitchen. While the East and West Coasts of full of micoblading studios, you’ll likely pay triple and wait beyond 6 months for your appointment. We recommend making a vacation out of it in lovely Las Vegas and book an appointment at MicroBladers Studio + Academy.

Finding the right microblading artist is about ensuring that the artist is reputable, and MicroBladers is a well-established facility with a number of artists in this professional establishment.

Find The Right Brow Style For Your Face

So, you’ve decided to go for it, yay, and you’ve found your microblading artist, double yay! There’s multiple styles that you can choose but you really want to ensure that just because you have a few photos that you’re bringing in to your consultation with your chosen artist that those brows will look good on you. Getting your brows done is not exactly like bringing a picture of a hair style that you want replicated to the salon. The right microbladed brows should fit your face, your style, and your overall beauty look.

You do have plenty of choices when it comes to techniques and hues — from microblading to microshading to ombre brows and more. Work with your artist to determine the right hue, the right shape, the right style, and the right technique.

Client getting microbladed in 2022

Get Booked in 2022 and Beyond!

Now that you’ve found the right artist, you’ve chatted with the artist to determine a game plan for your new microbladed brows, get on their calendar and if you’ve chosen a good artist, you’ll walk away with prep steps for your appointment as well as instructions to help you care for your brows post appointment.

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