When it comes to the Oscars, while most of us won’t likely get a chance to walk the red carpet next to the likes of Leo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence we can still attain their fashionable looks. This year at the Oscars several females stood out above the rest with elegant looks that can be easily obtained with a few simple beauty tricks. Jennifer Lawrence Never one to shy away from a bold look, this year J-Law’s look was a classic dress with a bold makeup look. To achieve her look think thick winged liner and bold eyes. When you’re out for a night of being dressed to the nines, it can often be difficult to compete with the dress, so don’t necessarily try to do so. Keep it subtle and pick one feature on your face to accentuate. For JLaw’s look, she chose to focus on the eyes. Another way to frame your eyes and to achieve this look even further is to remember to make your brows pop. The best way to invest in perfect brows each and every time is to leave it up to the professionals and seek a talented and reputable microblader artist. Lupita Nyongos This Kenyan-born beauty stole the show tonight when she graced the stage with a flawless look. Perfectly painted navy blue lids and subtle gold highlights, Lupita glowed with perfection. Add a bit of ruby rouge to your lips in a subtle matte stain and voila! You can also read more about the current trend of gold highlighters to further propel your everyday look to full-on glam. Gal Gadot Who wouldn’t want to emulate the look of the ever-stunning Gal Gadot i.e. Wonder Woman?! Yeah, us too! With a sleek hairdo to provide full focus to her face and dazzling attire. She appears something straight out of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Great Gatsby with a sequined and roaring twenties dress. Her makeup was subtle with maroon matte lips, sun-kissed skin and those piercing eyes. Gal has some beautiful eyes and those brows! Get those brows by learning more about eyebrow microblading today.