How To Get Low Maintenance Looks

By November 22, 2022 Uncategorized

We’re now living in a post-pandemic world, well, at least an evolving pandemic world, but after a couple of years of lockdown we are digging the casual vibes that came out of that chaos. So how do we keep living our best lives, but with looks that look high maintenance but actually are low maintenance to execute on? The answer is the wonderful world of microblading.

Low Maintenance looks: eyebrows

Low Maintenance Yet Amazing Microbladed Brows

We commend the beauty world for coming up with contraptions and other beauty sticks in an attempt to help us with our brows. Let’s be real for a minute — those contraptions and sticks just don’t cut it. Whether you have mismatched brows or the sun’s rays start to melt your brow coif down into your eyes, they just simply are not what we need or mean when we talk low maintenance. Just like Beyonce wakes up looking like her gorgeous self, we, too, are after that kind of natural beauty that is low maintenance yet stunning. 

Enter brow microblading. The best beauty enhancement to have ever been developed. All you have to do is head to the salon, spend a few hours and voila! You get to wake up for the next several months and simply run a comb through your hair. Check out some of our favorite MicroBlader brows here.

Long, Lovely Lashes That Are Done and Done.

Just because we’re talking low maintenance beauty doesn’t mean we’re talking damaging treatments. Lash extensions are not always an equal opportunity solution. For some of us, they break our lashes off and as you age they can take months, sometimes years to grow back. With a Lash Lift & Tint, your microblading artist works with your natural lashes applying a keratin serum as well as a deep black shade that make your natural lashes pop. 

Not only is this a low maintenance beauty enhancement, but people will be asking where you get those lash extensions and it will feel so good — trust us — to say that they are all yours. Getting that much closer to looking fab but with zero effort.

Come Hither Lips With That Perfect Color

Last, but certainly not least for low maintenance looks, is the spectacular microblading beauty enhancement that uses a permanent makeup (PMU) machine, which is also a technique used for microbladed brows, to help your lips look fuller and that much poutier, but in a Botox-free way. 

Your microblading artist works with you to determine the perfect color that matches your natural color palette. Then your artist will use the PMU machine to magically make your lips appear younger and in the most beautiful shade that is literally meant for you. 

Now that’s what we’re calling waking up just like that and with zero maintenance you’re going to be swooning over your new beauty enhancements. Now if we can just get sweats to be accepted at the office then we got this low maintenance thing down.

Ready to get that perfect look that is the ultimate in low-maintenance? Visit and get your beauty on.