microblading for lips

Fuller lips have always been associated with being sexy and various enhancements have been around to achieve them. However, they’re not exactly a hundred percent safe or practical. Thanks to beauty innovations today, you can now achieve fuller lips with the simplest, most natural treatment called Hyaluron Infusion.  

What’s Up with Big Lips? Why Do Women Want Them? 

Having attractive lips has more to do with sensuality than anything else. We use our lips to express love, intimacy, and even just basic communication. In some cases, women seek lip enhancements simply due to aging. As we age, our lips have a tendency to become thinner and many women feel that this makes them less attractive.  

What is Hyaluron Pen? 

Hyaluron Infusion involves the use of a simple tool called the Hyaluron Pen. It is basically a “pressure pen” which generates pressure to deposit hyaluronic filler into the upper layer of the skin. It’s a much better alternative to other lip augmentation procedures that use needles. 

Lip augmentation is a procedure that injects dermal fillers in and around your mouth to add volume. Some use collagen and others use fat injections and implants. The Hyaluron Pen, on the other hand, infuses a very natural substance that’s already present in your body.  

What is Hyaluronic Acid? 

As the name implies, Hyaluron infusion deposits hyaluronic acid into your lip area to promote a fresher, plumper effect. It’s the most hydrating substance available to make your lips look plump and youthful.  

What Are the Benefits of Hyaluron Infusion?  

Because your body naturally creates hyaluronic acid, it is practically impossible to be allergic to it. Unlike injections, the Hyaluron Pen doesn’t require the use of needles so there is less risk of bruising, swelling, or scarring. It is safe and generally more affordable than older lip augmentation treatments. More on the procedure on this post.  

As in most enhancements, the treatment is not recommended for pregnant women, those with very sensitive skin, and diseases such as oral herpes.  

Using the Hyaluron Pen can create volume on thin lips and enhance their shape. You also often have the option to add pigmentation —which means you can add the lip color you’ve always wanted. This is after your lips have healed and the results are incredibly stunning! Plus, it can enhance other areas as well.  

It is also possible to infuse the hyaluronic acid to areas such as your nasolabial lines (smile/ laugh lines) and sometimes in your forehead wrinkles during the same treatment.