Eyebrow enhancement is the most sought-after semi-permanent cosmetic treatment. It’s an exciting and challenging career for beauty artists but to be successful, you need to invest in the best training and use the right tools.For the growing varieties of eyebrow microblading, some digital tools can be used aside from manual hand tools. This guide is just a brief introduction to semi-permanent makeup machines.

Why Use a Machine Instead of a Hand Tool?

Microblading and its variety of styles are technically considered semi-permanent makeup but to simplify the terms, we will refer to machines in this topic as PMU (permanent makeup) machines.Using a hand tool, such as in microblading, has its advantages. It creates more natural-looking results because of the finer hair strokes but in some cases, a PMU machine is preferred. For one, the pigment deposited in the skin oftentimes stay longer. You have the option to use a single needle or grouped needles to create a 3D effect if the client wants a bolder finish. Needless to say, using a PMU machine is much faster and has minimal downtime.

Rotary Hand Tools

A digital rotary tool often costs less than other PMU machines and is easier to handle. The Spektra Xion Rotary machine is one that we use here at our studio. We consider it an elite choice because of its versatility. It is lightweight and the strokes are adjustable which makes it great for more experienced microblading artists.You can interchange the stroke length so you can tailor results to a particular client and try a variety of styles and techniques. Using such tools effectively requires specialized training and it’s very important to invest in continuous learning which includes microblading apprenticeship and advanced training courses like Microshading.

Recommended for Beginners

At our studio, we recommend artists to start out with the Zenus PMU Machine which can also be used for microshading or powder brows. The tool looks like a pen and has a slim design suitable for those who are still learning control and accuracy with their hands. It allows for precise and smooth results regardless of skill level.Ultimately, you’d want to use before and after care products on your client’s skin to get the best results. An example of this is the MicroBalm from Membrane Post which you can use for pre and post care.Knowing which PMU machine to use is important for you to become a successful microblading artist. In order to learn this, you need to receive the highest quality training you can get. Here’s a great guide on how to choose the best PMU instructor and training facility, whether you are planning to practice in Las Vegas or other states.