What Exactly Is Microblading? How Is It Different from Tattooing?

Ever seen tattooed brows? Pretty neat, aren’t they? Well, until you look closer and realize they’re not quite the right shape or the color they’re supposed to be (to the horror of many!), and they look like they’ve been drawn over. If you’ve ever talked to anyone who’s been through it, you’d be glad you didn’t go through the same excruciatingly painful procedure.Is eyebrow tattooing really that bad? It certainly has its advantages. But what if there is a better alternative with far fewer things that could go wrong? Thanks to the rediscovery of a technique that surprisingly has been around for thousands of years, women today have a much better option.Microblading’s rise to popularity in the last 25 years is for good reason, the main one being, they look REMARKABLY more natural. While they seem similar, these two cosmetic procedures are very different.

Say Hello to Naturally Lush, Perfectly Shaped Brows microblading in studio

Microblading is an eyebrow enhancement technique wherein the microblading artist creates individual hair-like strokes that closely resemble the growth pattern of your original eyebrows.hairlike strokesThese very fine lines are meant to stimulate your natural hair. The technique uses micro needles to deposit pigment under your skin which, when settled, becomes a lighter shade of your color of choice making the brows look so real.Eyebrow tattoo artists, on the other hand, use ink instead of pigment, specifically black ink and it tends to fade to a purplish, or bluish green color. After some time, you would end up with blocky brows that look like they’ve been drawn with Sharpie pens. Microblading artists use pigments that have a more yellow, red, or orange undertones so they turn into a more natural brown as they heal. Microbladed brows also have a noticeably more natural-looking shape.Here at MicroBladers Studio + Academy, your artist will work with you to determine the shape and color best suited for your face prior to your enhancement. We strongly believe that your natural look is your best look and all it needs is a little enhancement, not alteration.

A Slight Discomfort Worth the Head-Turner Look  microblading hand tool

Eyebrow tattooing is usually done by machine which can be extremely painful. Microblading artists hand-draw each line with a hand toolmost of the time so your brows would not bleed out unlike tattooed brows. They may occasionally use machines tailored for microblading but the machine used for eyebrow tattooing go much deeper which could potentially injure your skin.Each client would experience different levels of pain during their microblading session but it is a slight discomfort compared to the amount of pain you would experience in getting tattooed brows. We also give our clients a topical anesthetic to ease any discomfort during the treatment.

A Semi-Permanent Enhancement  

While both tattooed brows and microbladed brows cannot really be hardly classified as “permanent” or “semi-permanent” since fading is not guaranteed, tattooed eyebrows are harder to remove or correct just like other skin tattoos.Microblading is more on the semi-permanent category because you can change the eyebrow shape much easier as the strokes fade over time. This gives you more freedom to choose a new appearance as trends change.Between eyebrows that eventually turn blue and brows that retain their natural color even as they fade and can be changed, which would you choose?Find a microblading artist in Las Vegas and get a free consultation.