A Lash Tint is the Only Magical Touch You Need to Have Naturally Bold Eyelashes

We’d all like to find that magic mascara wand that would grant us our dream eyelashes. But it’s going to take more than that sticky black coating and fancy mascara wands to make that happen. The magic — is in a simple, quick, and inexpensive treatment called lash tinting.Note that a lash tint is different from a lash lift. A lash lift is another simple procedure that will make your lashes look naturally long and curled. Think of the lash tint as the finishing touch to complete the luscious, sexy lashes that you want to achieve.mascara woesEnd Your Makeup Shopping Woes  Should you get the lengthening mascara or volumizing mascara? Why can’t they be both? Add to that, you have to decide which applicator to use: curved mascara wand, fat brush, ball wand, micro wand. It can be hard to keep up.With a lash tint, you can throw out all the ineffective and expensive makeup and just wake up with beautifully defined dark lashes every morning.A Lash Tint Looks and Feels More Natural  lash lifting processSure, you can have darker lashes without wearing the daunting mascara by switching to falsies or lash extensions but they tend to look artificial and make you feel uncomfortable. False eyelashes feel heavy on the eyes and lash extensions could make your natural lashes fall off. You won’t feel anything other than beautiful wearing a lash tint!Here at MicroBladers Studio + Academy, your artist will work with you to determine the perfect color for your lashes. They would consider your hair and skin color to choose the tint that looks most natural on you.Stop Throwing Money and Time Down the Drain  If you’re not careful, lash extensions could easily cost you up to $500. You can find a pair of cheap false eyelashes in the drug store but don’t expect them to hold up very long. They’re also a pain to apply. Committing to either of these two can prove to be very costly and tedious.At MicroBladers Studio, you can get a lash tint for a mere $25. We offer a package of a lash lift and tint for only $90. Getting both treatments together takes about forty-five minutes compared to getting lash extensions which could take up to two hours. after lash tinting Getting a lash lift and tint is the best way to get the thick dark lashes that you’ve always wanted. While both require touchups, they are infinitely more cost-effective than other eyelash enhancements. And if you want to accentuate your eyes even more, you can have your brows microbladed as well. Find out how you can get all three in just one session with our Bombshell Package.