Learn 3D Areola Restoration With Microblading in 2023

By January 27, 2023 Education

You’re an established microblading artist with a number of clients, and you’ve taken courses to offer Lip Blush + Tint, Microshading, and Ombre Brows. So, what’s next? Why not uplevel your offerings by learning the art of 3D Areola Restoration?

With this paramedical tattooing enhancement, you’ll not only earn more, but you’ll feel the warm fuzzies for helping women who have suffered from breast cancer to regain the confidence they had before surgical procedures that may have caused misshaped or 

3D Areola Restoration Client

How is Areola Restoration Done In Microblading?

Areola Restoration, also known as Areola Repigmentation or 3D Areola Tattooing, can be done using microblading and, more specifically, microshading tools such as a permanent makeup (PMU) machine. Through this process, a client who has potentially undergone a mastectomy surgery will be left with scars and discolorations. 

Using microshading process techniques, the areola can be reconstructed to not only restore the color and shape of the areola, but the process can help to minimize scars as well. This often creates enhanced confidence among the individual undergoing Areola Restoration and is a helpful step in healing from the trauma of having breast cancer. 

What Will I Learn In An Areola Restoration Tattooing Course?

Considered an advanced course, learning 3D Areola Restoration will consist of understanding the proper techniques developed in professional paramedical training. You’ll also learn about how to apply specialty pigments to ensure that skin coloring appears as natural as possible. Additional and important elements that will be taught include:

  • Paramedical color theory
  • Cross-contamination
  • Aftercare instructions
  • Insurance requirements
  • Scar tissue
  • Safety and sanitization
  • Conducting client consultations, consent forms, and contraindications
  • Skin anatomy

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