Learn How to Break into The Beauty Business With Microblading

By April 30, 2023 Uncategorized

Do you love all things beauty? Is makeup a fashion accessory to you? Microblading can help you get started with several untapped potentials to grow your love of the beauty business into a profession all without the need to spend two years in cosmetology school either. Microblading can be learned in a weekend and with MicroBladers Studio and Academy, you build your clientele base while earning an income during your required apprenticeship. 

While you may be thinking everyone became their own beauty stylist during the pandemic with no need for a microblader artist the absolute opposite is true. Microblading is booming even more right now in the beauty industry because of the highlighted importance of masks (making those eyes pop), the now remote workforce on constant Zoom calls, and the need for professional as well as convenient beauty enhancements. Now is the perfect time to get your microblading training on and enjoy a sizable income on a flexible schedule in an industry that won’t be slowing down anytime soon.

Microblading is evolving. Just as fashion evolves, so must our beauty routines. Luckily, microblading has felt more like an expansion rather than an evolution as the microblade technique has stayed the same, but beauty artists from around the world have been able to come up with new techniques. This has helped personalize the brow business while still removing loads of time in front of our makeup mirrors drawing uneven brows. 

If you’re the artistic type and you can perfect a set of brows all day, every day, then we implore you to share your skills and get into the microblading business. Because for most of us, drawing a set of perfect brows just doesn’t happen on command. No matter how many over-the-counter brow tools and trinkets the industry delivers, an on-demand perfect brow doesn’t always happen. 

Your talents will be fully embraced as a microblading artist and you never know if you’ll be the next big beauty entrepreneur changing the face of the beauty business industry — literally and figuratively. Connect with one of our microblading artists today to learn more about how to get started in microblading!