Learn How To Up Level And Offer Tiny Tattoos to Your Clients

By December 11, 2022 Artist Life

According to a recent survey, approximately 65 percent of fashion designers favor tattooed employees more than those sans tattoos, and more than $1.6 billion dollars are spent annually on tattoos. 

That’s a lot of opportunity to make money, and what better way than to utilize your skills as a microblading artist to up-level your capabilities to earn more while broadening your client base? Interestingly, that same survey found that female artists make more than their male counterparts.

Tiny Tattoos Example

How do I segue way Microblading methods to Tiny Tattoo offerings?

If you’ve already learned microblading skills, then the next step is to learn how to use a permanent makeup (PMU) machine, which is the ideal way to create minimalistic yet detailed tattoos. Expand your creativity and learn how to upsell your clients to their next, or first, tattoo. 

More than 65 percent of Americans don’t have a tattoo at present, but women are 18 percent more likely to have tattoos than their male counterparts, which means there’s a lot of opportunity to indulge your clients’ love of tattoos or encourage them to take the plunge — albeit a tiny plunge — and snag their first, adorable tattoo.

What will I learn in a Microblading Tiny Tattoo Course?

In a MicroBladers Studio + Academy Las Vegas Machine Tiny Tattoo Training Workshop, you’ll learn all of the aspects of how to create and execute a tiny tattoo offering. From line work to understanding depth as well as how to employ the technical understanding of the PMU machine. 

Additionally, you’ll get to see a live demonstration in this hands-on, interactive, and one-of-a-kind workshop based in fabulous Sin City. This makes flying or driving to Las Vegas all the more worthwhile as this type of workshop can’t be found anywhere else, and, let’s be real, you can write off some of this trip on your taxes. 
Explore how to enroll as well as other certifications that are available to enhance your service offerings and bring more dollars into your pocket.