A career in Microblading is one that is always expanding. It’s not like one of those jobs where you are stuck doing the same thing over and over again. This is what makes it stimulating for beauty professionals who are always looking for growth.  

If you want to develop skills in other techniques such as Microshading, you’re on the right track to becoming a well-rounded artist. It’s important that you choose the right microblading training course and academy in order to become one of the best.  

Build a Firm Foundation 

While microshading is pretty similar to microblading, it’s a different flavor altogether. A trainer or instructor who has truly mastered the ins and outs of permanent cosmetics will always recommend you to build a foundation around microblading first before you move on to shading.  

Microblading and microshading can both be done by either hand or machine, but having hands-on experience in microblading gives you a great advantage of already knowing how the skin reacts to pigment, the right color combination, and how deep your touches should go. It gives you a solid foundation in which to build more advanced skills.  

This is the benefit of becoming an apprentice in a highly-renowned PMU Academy. See how you can choose a top microblading apprenticeship program here.

A Harder Canvas to Navigate 

Since microshading is recommended for those with oily skin, you would have a more difficult canvas to work on. Even though it’s said to be the gentler version, depositing pigment in normal to dry skin is still easier.  

Dots Versus Strokes 

Microshading Machine Method

The repetitive dots done in shading is what makes the pigment yield easier into oily skin as compared to the very fine strokes which may not set properly for this skin type. Using the electric rotary tool with acupuncture-like needles to achieve this requires a lot of patience and hand control. Something you learn to master in beginner microblading courses. 

Additionally, PMU (permanent makeup) machines make vibrations when operated and knowing how to handle the more lightweight microblading pen first will make it easier for you to switch between tools.  

Addressing Industry Limitations 

Microblading has given women a better eyebrow enhancement option and artists, a viable career path. But its limitations prevent those with certain skin types from getting the same benefits. Being able to offer alternatives like shading, combo brows, and recently, Nano Strokes, allows them to have the same life-altering experience.  

It also allows YOU to have a more diverse set of clients and a business venture that is less prone to decline.  

Take the Next Step 

If you’re ready to take the next step, the opportunity is waiting for you in advanced PMU training courses. Make sure that the microblading training establishment that you choose is well-established and the instructors really offer guidance beyond classroom training.

You must also receive a certificate of completion for being trained in both manual and machine methods of microshading.