Learn Nano Brow Techniques For Your Clients

By February 4, 2023 Uncategorized

In 2022, we were introduced to yet another new and different microblading brows with that of the Nano Brow, also referred to as Nanoblading. 

Nano Brow Example

What Is The Difference Between Nanobladed Brows And Microbladed Brows?

With Nanoblading, a similar technique is applied to the brow but with less trauma to the skin, and pigmentation is not applied as deeply. The result is the look of clean and crisp hair-like strokes with the use of both a single needle as well as a permanent makeup (PMU) machine.

Microblading uses a single, specialized blade to create hair-like strokes, but the pressure is slightly deeper, and pigmentation is applied deeply to the hair-like stroke marks. 

Both Nanoblading and Microblading offer desired looks for a client, but each is slightly different with the process utilized. It’s best to have both skills in your repertoire as, ultimately, it will be up to your client who comes in asking for Nano Brows or Microblading Brows. 

What Will I Learn in a Nano Brow Technique Class?

The one-day course is made up of several different components, including the process of introducing less trauma to the skin and how to minimize the risks of too deeply placed pigmentation. In addition to understanding how to alter your process in the Nano Brow enhancement, you’ll also get:

• Aluminum Makeup Pro Case

• Artist Training Manual

• Professional MicroBladers PMU Pen Device

• Brow Pigments

• Training Manual

• Theory Review

• Types of Clients

• Mapping & Outline

• Types of Tools & Needles

• Ethnicities & Skin Types

• Student Procedure Simulation

• Color Theory (what pigments to choose for different undertones)

• Needle Types & Suggested Uses

• Practical Application and Preparation

• Topical Anesthetics

• Safety and Sanitization

• Client Consultation and Consent Forms

• Aftercare Instructions

• Post Treatment & Complications

• Depth using Synthetic Skin

• Certificate of Completion on Nano Brow Hair strokesReady to earn anywhere from $375 to $475 per Nano Brow Enhancement? Then sign up for a Nano Brow Microblading Course with MicroBladers Studio + Academy today to make the most of your microblading skills and augment your client offerings.