Learn These 3 Skills To Expand Your Client Offerings & Get Paid More

By December 21, 2022 Business

You’ve mastered the microblading brow certification and apprenticeship. You’re starting to build a great list of clients, but you also know you can do more. 

So, what’s next? 

Try investing in additional microblading courses to provide more client offerings and watch your bank account and client list build rapidly. 

3D Areola Restoration

Areola Restoration Client

The predominant clientele for this service are women who have survived breast cancer and want to retain the look of their nipples. But it doesn’t stop there, both men and women who have experienced an injury or scar may also need Areola Restoration. 

In this three-day course, you’ll learn how to minimize scars using microblading techniques as well as types of breast cancers, the anatomy of the breast, the best products to use, and how final results appear after the healing process. 

Additionally, expanding your skillset with this course allows you to see live model demonstrations of the techniques of Areola Restoration.

Microblading Hairline Restoration

Another great skill to have in your microblading toolbox of services is how to offer hairline restoration to female and male clients. The enhancement can start at a base level of $500, and with more skills and abilities, you can earn upwards of $2500 per client based on the level of hair loss. 

In a small group setting of no more than four students per class, your master-level instructor will instruct you on depth and pigmentation, how to use your microblading skills to apply similarly, all-natural-looking hair strokes to the scalp, ensuring that your client has a flattering hairline that fits their face and helps them restore long lost confidence. 

Lash Lift & Tint

Using a similar technique to microblading, this is a great add-on upsell to benefit your clients. Using a permanent makeup (PMU) machine, you’ll learn how to add definition, texture, and a natural-looking pigment to allow the lips to appear fuller and more well-defined.

This a one-day course that can be an absolute return on investment as your clients flock to you for the plethora of beauty enhancements that you offer. 

Discover additional microblading courses to help you further your client offerings and keep your calendar full for months!