Lip Tinting, more popularly known as Lip Blushing is a cosmetic lip tattooing technique that enhances the color and shape of your lips. Depending on how you want the color and shade of your lips to be, your lips can look as natural as they are when bare or you can have them done with a hint of makeup.  

Smile confidently with your most glamorous and perfectly defined lips without touching a lip brush or lip liner. How would you like to forever say goodbye to the frustrating process of shaping and shading your lips each time you apply makeup?  

What is Lip Blushing? 

This lip enhancement is a semi-permanent makeup treatment done by implementing long-lasting pigment into your lips’ surface layers using a special tool similar to a tattoo machine. In addition, it also adds the effect of added definition and enhanced shape to the lips so it’s the best alternative to lip injections.  

Hyaluron Lip Infusion

Today, more and more women are choosing lip blushing/ lip tinting over other lip augmentation procedures which sometimes involve potentially harmful lip fillers. Currently, the only guaranteed safe lip filler is a natural substance called hyaluronic acid used in a procedure called hyaluron lip infusion. This treatment is more suitable for those who want to add a lot more volume to their lips and lips that have thinned due to aging.  

But if your dream is to have a wake-up-with-makeup look, lip blushing is the way to go.  

How is Lip Tinting Done? Is It Just Like a Regular Tattoo? 

Although the term “lip tattooing” is used to pertain to the enhancement, the modern procedure is gentler and has a more natural effect than traditional permanent makeup (PMU). The machines used for modern lip tattooing are more sophisticated and the pigment does not go as deep into the skin compared to the traditional process.  

Like other semi-permanent cosmetic enhancements such as microblading or ombré brows, both popular in cities like Las Vegas and New York, the lip blushing starts with a consultation with a certified artist. They will look at your entire face, your makeup style, and create the shape and that is most flattering for you. Your artist will work with you to customize the perfect shade and color that fits your desired look.  

During the procedure, they will give you a topical anesthetic then proceed to perform the “tattooing” which today is called micropigmentation.  

How Long Does It Last? Is It Really Permanent?  

Because the lip blushing procedure only deposits pigment in the outer layers of your dermis, the pigment has the potential to eventually fade over time. Its lasting effects vary per individual and can last anywhere from one to three years. The greatest benefit of this is you can alter your lips’ style which is ideal since face shapes and makeup trends keep changing.  

How Do I Choose the Right PMU Artist to Do My Lips? 

Some of the most important factors when choosing an artist to do any type permanent makeup procedure are the artist’s skills, their affiliation and training background, and the products and tools that they use.  

If you’re looking to have your lips done in Las Vegas, for example, it’s important to compare PMU facilities in the area. A good indication that an establishment is trustworthy and provides quality service is if it is operated by a highly experienced and master artist herself. Does this company offer trainings for various permanent makeup techniques? If students are flocking to their training programs because of the quality of the instruction, it’s a great sign that this is a reputable PMU academy and facility.  

This applies to any other semi-permanent cosmetic treatments. Learn more about other permanent makeup procedures here.