Sneak Preview: The Hottest Makeup Trends For Fall 2022

By October 31, 2022 Uncategorized

As the nights begin to turn crisp and the leaves find new shades of Autumn, we enter a gorgeous fall cycle of makeup trends that are hauntingly sensual. 

The Return of The Smokey Eye

Make the most of your smokey eyes this fall by adding some fullness to your lashes. Pass on the eyelash extensions, which can be harsh adding to the stress and potential breakage of your lashes. Instead, opt for a Keratin Lash Lift + Tint. With this beauty enhancement, silicone rods are gently applied to your lashes while a strengthening serum known as Keratin is applied. The rods help to gently curl your lashes while the Keratin strengthens and lengthens your lashes. 

The final touch is adding a rich dark pigment to your lashes, almost like a permanent, no-smudge mascara. Once complete you can get your eyeliner and shadow out to create the most stunning smokey eyes for this fall. 

smokey eye makeup trend for fall

Brows on Brows on Brows

Round out your smokey eyes this fall with a full coif of brow hair. We recommend making a statement with an ombre brow to really bring to life the come hither stare. Obtaining an Ombre Brow means starting with more natural looking hair strokes on the inner part of the brow and having your microblading artist use the permanent makeup (PMU) machine to create a gradient effect on the outer part of your brow. 

With your new lashes and smokey makeup combined with an Ombre brow, your Insta & TikTok presence will be singing your praises and begging to know your fall look secrets of hottiness.

Full, All-Natural Lips

With Rose wine-kissed lips this fall, you really can’t go wrong with these makeup trends. Thanks to the fashion trends from spring highlighting the shades that are coming down the pipeline, we are investing in full-on au natural. The best way to get the most out of this sexy pout is to book an appointment to make your lips really standout. Avoid Botox and instead opt for a more natural method. 

With a Lip Blush + Tint coupled with a Hyaluron Pen treatment you’ll get the full-on handling, and we mean that literally as your lips will be full and on display following this beauty treatment. It starts with using a Hyaluron Pen that is applied to help naturally plump your lips with no injections or surgery required. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally-occurring substance found in the body. Some very smart people have been able to create a pen that acts as a pressure pen integrating the Hyaluron acid into the lip, which not only helps to enhance the volume of the lips, but reduces signs of aging while creating a crisper lip line. 
Once the Hyaluron Pen treatment has been applied it’s time to return for the Lip Blush + Tint. With this beauty enhancement, your microblading artist uses the PMU machine to add embolden your all-natural lip color. Once healed, your lips will be contrast with the dark hues of fall fashion and they will simply pop!