Membrane Post Care – PMU Artists are Loving this New Aftercare!AfterCare from Membrane Post

Membrane Post Care is a revolutionary new aftercare product. As a microblading artist, experimenting with different pre and post care products is essential. While some argue that the dry healing method is the best, meaning no aftercare product involved at all, the final results we’ve seen prove otherwise.Giving your clients accurate aftercare information would help them maintain their microbladed brows. They would also trust that you recommend the best skincare products to extend their lasting effects.Hydrating Keeps the Skin Healthy Ask any skincare expert and they would tell you that proper hydration keeps the skin healthy. A healthy skin makes a good canvas for a PMU (permanent makeup) artist to deliver ideal results. Likewise, your client’s skin needs to remain healthy for their microbladed brows to last.One of the best ways to optimize hydration after any semi-permanent makeup procedure is to use a post-care salve or balm. It provides the ideal amount of moisture which helps repair dermal tissues and helps the skin breathe.A Naturally Powerful Aftercare Balm Here at MicroBladers Studio + Academy, our microblading artists find Membrane aftercare products to be among the most effective. Membrane is a trusted brand that specializes in Micropigmentation post care.The MicroBalm can be used for every stage of PMU procedures. When used for microblading aftercare, it helps you achieve the most ideal results. What we love about it is its 100% natural formulation which comprises of natural herbs and oils.These organic ingredients moisturize the skin on the brow area to reduce inflammation, risks of infection, and maintains the skin’s existing nutrients with its antibacterial properties.Post-Care Directions For best results, you can use the brand’s MicroTonic toner to cleanse the brow area on the first 6 hours after the treatment. Advise your client to follow it up by applying a thin layer of the MicroBalm. This will allow any wound to close and protect it from foreign elements that could hinder the delicate healing process.Immediate Relief In cases that require immediate attention right after the treatment, you can use Membrane Post’s recovery serum called MicroGel to allow rapid healing. Applying a tiny amount on the affected area will prevent bacteria from invading the skin.The Science that Unlocked Nature’s Powerful Healing Abilities Membrane Post Care products are produced in Canada and are scientifically researched to provide extraordinary nourishing, healing, and comfort for PMU clients. This advanced skincare innovation is inspired by nature so you can expect only environment-friendly, cruelty-free, natural formulations.Because the products are suitable for all skin types, it’s no wonder that PMU artists are loving the Membrane Post Care Line! You will learn more about essential skincare products and tools when you enroll in our private and classroom courses here at MicroBladers Studio + Academy.