While a lot of beauty treatments are focused on women as a target market, times are changing and we’re loving that skin care and beauty lines are geared just for men. Some may call it manscaping or metrosexual, but we think it’s manly for a man to want to take care of his skin in addition to his inner and outer health.  Plus, we really find it attractive when a man has a well-endowed brow, ahem. But really, we do! What’s sexier than a man with nice, big brows that make his eyes seem that much stronger and more piercing? Not all men were blessed with big ‘ole brows and that’s why we’re psyched to see men jumping on the microblading train. Whoever said that females should have all the fun of these types of beauty treatments? For men that are interested in getting microbladed brows for the first time, there are a few things you’ll need to know including what skin type you might possible be. A variety of skin types work well when receiving a microblading treatment, but your artist will have a better chance of getting your treatment dialed in the first time if you know this. Secondly, ensure you find a well-trained microblading artist that has worked on men before. A lot of artists have only worked on the female brow, which is more defined with an arch and men naturally have different brow structures as well as an ideal look for them. Some men may not want that perfectly coifed brow shape and structure. This makes it important for a man to discuss what type of brow he wants. Men: do your part by bringing some photos of guys brows that you like. While your face structure may not work for the brow you want, at least your artist will know the look you’re going for and she will be able to combine a look that you want with one that suits your face, skin type and hair strokes. Learn more about getting well-endowed brows by clicking here and booking your free microblading consultation today.