Semi-permanent makeup gave women an opportunity to enhance their facial features without altering them completely. The technique has apparently been around for thousands of years and beauty professionals are using it today, equipped with more sophisticated tools. microblading for alopecia and trichotillomania But did you know that it can be used in more meaningful ways? Eyebrow microblading can transform the lives of people with certain conditions that affect their eyebrows. Many people living with diseases like alopecia, certain thyroid diseases, or those undergoing chemotherapy experience eyebrow loss in varying degrees. Some may see microblading as an option to regain confidence as it is with anyone seeking cosmetic improvement. The procedure is definitely not a one size fits all solution and it’s not for everybody but it can be extremely beneficial for some. It’s important to choose an artist that has extensive training and experience who can give you their professional advice of whether or not you are a great candidate for microblading.

Far Beyond Physical Improvement

Not many people are familiar with the condition known as Trichotillomania — an illness that may cause a person to develop repetitive behavior. It may sound harmless but it can also be destructive. One of the things that they may experience is compulsive hair pulling. They may do it in the scalp area, eyelids, and oftentimes, the eyebrows. It occurs more frequently in women and it’s a chronic condition that is difficult to treat. This can result to noticeable hair loss which can make a person feel significant distress and affect their everyday lives. While therapy and medication are available, some have found an efficient solution that can make their lives easier. If you are experiencing these symptoms, you may want to ask your doctor if microblading can help. You’ll be glad to know that it did for some, giving them feelings of great relief.

A Better Solution Than Hair Transplant?

For physical illness related hair loss, other options have been around earlier than microblading. Alopecia, for example, is an autoimmune disease that can cause mild to severe hair loss. For those with this condition, adjusting to their changed appearance can be difficult. Potential solutions such as hair transplant or eyebrow wigs have been tried to help people with alopecia but they have proven to be quite expensive and tedious. Some recommend putting on intense powder or gel makeup. Imagine starting every day trying to create natural looking brows on your own only to get disappointing results. eyebrow microblading procedure Eyebrow microblading is a viable solution for those experiencing eyebrow loss mostly for a very specific reason. It looks significantly more NATURAL than implanted hair or tattooed brows. If you would like to know your other options, here’s a great guide on how you can choose from microblading, microshading, ombré brows, and other treatments.