Using Different Microshading Techniques to Achieve the Right Eyebrow Style for Your Clients

The saying different strokes for different folks aptly applies to microblading techniques. Except, in Microshading, we adjust the density and frequency of dots instead of hairlike strokes, to achieve different results.This is done by using either manual or machine method as you might have learned in prior Microblading Courses. Knowing which method to use allows you to tailor the perfect look based on your client’s preferences in addition to factors like skin type, previous work done if any, and facial profile.

The Powder Effect

Powder Brow Look Microshading EyebrowsMicroshading is often called “powder brows” for its powder effect — a full but soft finish that looks as if it’s been filled with powder brow makeup. This finish is achieved better by using a manual hand tool. You can choose from various needle sizes and control the speed and frequency of your stippling, which are the small dots or specks you create in an area.If a client originally wanted Microblading but has oily or sensitive skin, this is most likely the best choice for them because it has a more natural look similar to that of microbladed brows.

The Instagram Brow

Instagram Brow Look with MicroshadingSome clients may want a bolder finish but not as strong or artificial-looking as tattooed brows. In this case, using a machine may be more appropriate because it creates that bold, filled eyebrows which we call the “Instagram Brow” because it looks like it was done by regular makeup.The benefit, of course, is that it is semi-permanent so they don’t have to create the look themselves each and every time.


Different Machines for Different Skill Levels

Microshading Pen Rotary ToolIf you are just learning how to use a PMU machine, one of the best ones to use is the Zenus PMU Machine which is often used for shading. Here at MicroBladers Studio + Academy, we recommend beginner artists to start with this tool because it’s easier to handleMore experienced artists may want to use advanced tools like the Spektra Xion rotary machine because they are more versatile and allow for more customized operation.

Mastering the Basics

An Advanced Training Course here at MicroBladers Studio + Academy would teach you how to become a Microshading expert. But since shading is an advanced skill, we do not recommend it for those who have not yet completed a Microblading Course. Mastering the basics would allow you to move faster to other techniques such as Combination Brows and recently, Nano Strokes.Just like clients have their own style preferences, you as an artist must also asses which tools work best for you. This is something you can only learn with sufficient hands-on experience when you enroll in a microblading apprenticeship program.