MicroTonic from Membrane Post – Cosmetic Tattooing Aftercare

MicroTonic from Membrane Post is a game changer for aftercare. MicoTonic-Membrane Post
Prepping a client properly before their microblading enhancement is necessary to provide the best experience and results. As an artist, you need to ensure that the brow area is sanitized using the right cleansing solution. It’s one of the important precautions to take before the treatment. Here at MicroBladers Studio + Academy, we always find ways to improve our services. One of the things we found that would further enhance the quality of our semi-permanent makeup procedures is using a cleansing toner instead of distilled water during preparation. Safety First Your first priority should be to make your clients feel safe and comfortable before, during, and after the procedure. All beginner and advanced PMU artists know that it’s safer to use distilled over tap water to cleanse the brow area. But if you want the highest level of safety, it’s best to use a scientifically researched cleansing solution such as the MicroTonic from the Membrane Post Care line. This toner is suitable for various types of eyebrow enhancements be it Microshading or combination brows. Its specialized formula combines the healing properties of natural ingredients like honey, oats, and chamomile to optimize dermal tissue repair. Protecting the Integrity of Your Work No matter how skilled you are, failing to prep your client’s skin before the treatment would greatly reduce the quality of your work. Applying the MicroTonic solution ensures that their skin is clean and hydrated, allowing the pigment to set easily no matter their skin type. It’s a great way to protect the integrity of your work. Apply a small amount on a cotton gauze and wipe the area gently as needed even during the procedure. Lasting Relief for the Transition Ahead Your clients will thank you for reducing their discomfort during the healing period. It’s important that you remind them to continue cleaning their brow area with the toner morning and evening to optimize healing. You MUST make it clear that they shouldn’t use regular tap water because it is not sterile and could lead to infections. Here at MicroBladers Studio, we send our clients home with a pillow pack of the MicroTonic along with a complete aftercare kit to ensure proper healing. The tonic has a cooling relief which soothes the stressed dermal tissues. For best results, use a healing balm such as Membrane Post’s MicroBalm before and after the enhancement. You will learn more about pre and post care essentials when you enroll in our microblading training courses here at MicroBladers Studio + Academy.