Whether you’re an esthetician a cosmetologist, a makeup artist, or someone that’s interested in the fine art of microblading, you will need to get your training on and by a certified microblading instructor in order to find a microblading job.You’ll learn topics in your microblading classes that include items like the following:
  • Micro pigmentation
  • Skin types
  • Marketing and business 101
  • Salesmanship
  • Legal requirements
  • Management ethics
One of the subjects often touched upon is that of foundational makeup application and while some may think this is an unnecessary skill to learn it all goes back to micro pigmentation training, which is the essentially the umbrella of all things microblading.Micro pigmentation is the art of “inserting colored pigments just beneath the skin’s surface,” according to the American Society for Dermatological Surgery (ASDS). Micro pigmentation is essentially microblading, but is often referred to as microblading, 3D brows, micro feathering, microshading, or semi-permanent makeup application.In order to become skilled at microblading, you have to first understand micro pigmentation as well as skin types and practice that fine line between offering too light of hair strokes on the brows and applying far too much of a heavy handed hair stroke application, which could cause permanent scarring on your client.Skin types differ vastly as well as skin shades and each individual client that receives brow microblading will likely have unique challenges that you’ll need to address in order to perfect their look.In addition to this and foundational makeup application dos and donts, it’s best to find a microblading training program offering more than just online certification and find a facility that can offer you real training on real models.It’s not always that easy to just run out and acquire new clients especially if you’ve never done microblading to a real model before. Finding a course that allows you to learn the technical, functional and real-world business salesmanship and marketing is going to give you a one up on the competition.Interested in learning more about finding microblading training courses in your area? Then click here and get on your way to an amazing career in microblading today.