Out Of This World 2023 Makeup Trends

By February 25, 2023 Uncategorized

With each new year comes bolder and more extreme plays on makeup trends — 2023 is no different. Looks featured on the runways of Paris and New York offered a glimpse of what we’ll see on the red carpet and, ultimately, on you. 

Check out some of the more promising features we can’t wait to play with when it comes to ringing in the new year and beyond.

Metals From 2123

Metals have been trending for a while now, but in true year-over-year form, a new twist is taking the makeup metal trend of the past and pushing the envelope. 

For the 2023 makeup trend of metals, it’s all about imagining what life will be like in 2123. Yep, that’s right, take your look to the future and expand the color palette. Try combining all metals such as copper, gold, and silver to add depth to your eyeshadow.

Blush on Blush on Blush

Taking a cue from The Euphoria Effect is blurring the lines of where the traditional blush on the high check bone has been placed. Instead, 2023 is all about putting blush on an energy drink and applying that to your face. We’re talking about an amped-up look that will turn heads as you confidently strut your stuff and embrace the full-bodied trend of blush on blush on blush.

Brows Of All Breeds

Brows are again taking center stage in the makeup trends 2023, but with it is expanding the brow game to include all types. We’re talking caterpillar and nano brows to more traditional microblading and microshading brows

Think of your 2023 brow game as more of creating an enhanced canvas so you can take part in the adventurous Euphoria Effect makeup trend that will also be taking this upcoming year by storm. 

In order to do that successfully, you need to look sharp and naturally beautiful — leaving the perfect canvas for creating the emblazoned makeup looks that you’ll see everywhere.

Bejeweled Face Accoutrements

Following in hot pursuit of the metal makeup trend and The Euphoria Effect is the bejeweled face additions. For Millennials, the bejeweled look is a throwback to being a kid in the 1990s when Gwen Stefani was more punk rock-ish with blue hair and stick-on jewels augmenting her look. 

The ballad of “I’m Just A Girl” by No Doubt is likely something that Millennials will be listening to as this look trends. And for Generation Z (Gen Z), we are so glad that you are bold enough to bring this back because we’re dusting off our box of jewels and gearing up for a glittery 2023 together.

This look offers as much or as little bedazzling as you’d like. For whatever occasion you’re stepping out with these lovely bejeweled accouterments, enjoy the fun of bringing feminity to the top of your look.