Paramedical Ink Allows For Unlimited Possibilities For Your Clients

By October 19, 2022 Business

With paramedical ink tattooing being a relatively newer field of talent for microblading artists, the possibilities are endless. Learning the skill will not only open you up for more clients to book your services, but it is a rewarding skillset. Once you see how you can bring so much light back to a client, you’ll realize that’s the biggest wealth of all.

What is Paramedical Ink?

It’s using microblading techniques and tools — especially that of a permanent makeup (PMU) machine — to create subtle skin tone variations in order to correct or cover imperfections. 

What Do Clients Ask For With Paramedical Ink?

As we are all human and have flaws, many clients inquiring about paramedical tattoos have a range of issues they may be seeking help for. Here are a list of things you might encounter:

  • Dog bite scarring
  • Tips of fingers missing
  • Covering tattoos
  • Limb scarring
  • Surgery scars
  • Areola Restoration
Paramedical Ink Nippe Restoration

In addition to these types of known paramedical microblading needs is a sensitivity to understanding that the client in front of you has internal scars that can’t be scene just as much as the ones they may be asking for you, as their microblading artist, to cover. Learning paramedical microblading tattooing is an incredibly rewarding and emotionally satisfying skill. You’ll literally transform people by what you’re able to provide in covering up or blending something that they thought could never be done. 

What Are The Skills Needed For Offering Paramedical Microblading Ink?

It’s imperative to have a solid foundation of microblading before taking a course in paramedical microblading as this is an advanced skill. It is different enough from standard microblading that it can’t just be self-taught. 
A microblading artist needs to understand pigment variation as it relates to skin tone and how the final outcome will appear on various client skin tones as well as technique. When it comes to paramedical microblading, being able to have an output that appears three dimensional is essential so it doesn’t look simply like a tattoo was inked on. Learn how to become a paramedical microblading artist today.