Ready To Start Your Career As A Microblading Artist? MicroBladers Studio + Academy Has You Covered

By March 24, 2023 Uncategorized

You’ve been watching the microblading industry grow and expand over the last several years. You’re a patron of the microblading arts. You’ve always wanted to be in the beauty business, but cosmetology school was not an option because you couldn’t not work and go to school full time. Well, now is the time to become a microblading artist and make your dreams come true by getting into the beauty business, make your own schedule, and earn a great income.

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How Do I Get Started in Microblading?

First things first, you need to find a beginner’s course in microblading and an apprenticeship so you can learn. A beginner’s course can occur over a weekend, but the apprenticeship requires hands-on experience building up a number of hours. 

When searching for an introductory microblading course and a microblading apprenticeship program, you want to ensure that you find something with hands-on training and, as a perk, search for an apprenticeship program in which you get paid. Other things to watch for are being setup with and learning about:

  • Professional microblading training kit
  • Face symmetry
  • Framing and brow mapping
  • Ethnicities and skin types
  • Color theory and theory review
  • Training manual
  • Depth and stroke practice 
  • Needle types/suggested uses 
  • Practical application/preparation
  • Topical anesthetics
  • Safety and sanitization 
  • Laws, rules, regulations
  • Client consent forms
  • Client aftercare instructions
  • Potential post treatment complications 

Why Do I Have to Have an Apprenticeship?

Most, if not all, states require individuals to obtain a certain number of hours with supervised practice and experience in order to be legally able to apply their skill and trade. Only then can you be licensed to be a microblading artist and earn an income while also practicing in a public arena.

Why Don’t I Skip the Hassle & Practice Out of My Home?

Unfortunately, that thinking has led to some individuals actually executing on attempting to build a microblading business out of their homes. Not only is this illegal, but you will be hard pressed to find that most clients are not interested in going to an individual’s home where safety and sanitization are at best subpar. 

Because you’re using blades and applying the blades on a human being, not only are you opening yourself up to lawsuits for practicing without the proper licensing and insurance, but many of the microblading “horror” stories became apparent because of this exact practice.

If you’re serious about becoming a microblading artist, you absolutely must invest in yourself in order for clients to invest in you. At MicroBladers Studio + Academy in Las Vegas, they were at the forefront of the microblading industry and have developed a number of options to best suit your needs. 
Additionally, they are one of the rare microblading apprenticeships that allow you to earn an income while you learn your trade. Check out their apprenticeship program options here and make the investment, because you’ll likely recoup it back before even finishing your apprenticeship.