Missing that familiar hairy texture on your forehead or temples? We understand. No matter the severity of your hair loss situation, whether you’re a man or a woman, losing some of your hair can affect your confidence. Thanks to micropigmentation technology, you can now reclaim your lost hair with hairline microblading. 

Though it does not grow your hair back, your scalp will look like it’s always been in your younger years. How’s that for some low-maintenance confidence booster? 

The Most Practical Way to Get Fuller, Healthy Looking Hair  

Over-the-counter solutions and several treatment options are available, the most common of which is hair transplant. However, they’ve proven to be very expensive and time-consuming.  

Hairline microblading, also known as scalp micropigmentation, is an excellent alternative and is more versatile. It has the potential to fade over time so you have more freedom to remove or change it if necessary. 

Concealing Thinning Hair Strand-by-Strand 

The treatment is a form of cosmetic tattooing. After drawing the most suitable hairline for your face, your artist will deposit pigment in your thinning hair area using a micro blade. Just like eyebrow microblading, it is done strand by strand which creates the effect of natural-looking, lush, healthy hair. There is no downtime and the results are immediately visible. It’s like you’ve never lost your hair at all! 

Contouring Your Face with the Most Flattering Hairline  

One benefit of hairline microblading compared to hair transplant is that it gives you the chance to enhance your face even further. Your artist has the ability to shape a new hairline for you in order to make it more flattering. They’ll also work with you to choose the best pigment to match your natural hair and skin tone.  

When you choose a scalp Micropigmentation artist and facility, it’s important that they aim for you to get the most of your time and money. Hairline microblading is becoming more popular in Las Vegas and it’s good to take a look at how different microblading establishments design their treatments. Read reviews on their social media pages as well as outside review sites.

A Simple Process to Reclaim Your Lost Hair with Hairline Microblading 

Your artist will start by applying a numbing cream in the thinning hair area. They will use a thin blade to “tattoo” the natural-looking hair strands. The inks or pigments used are similar to that of several semi-permanent makeup procedures.

Aside from avoiding certain activities like swimming and tanning for the first two weeks after the treatment, the results are immediately visible. Follow the aftercare instructions and after full healing, you will look and feel incredibly younger with your enhanced hairline!