Rev Up Your Style in 2023 With These Traffic-Stopping Looks

By April 30, 2023 Uncategorized

Are you relieved to say goodbye to the last couple of years? We sure are! And the good news is that the bold and daring fashion trends of 2023 are going to dominate this year as well. 

2023 future makeup look

Get ready to take a trip down memory lane to the 90s and early 2000s as the rave look makes a comeback, again. The fashion embellishments that will complement this year’s trends are futuristic and high fashion, while eyes remain the key beauty asset of the season. Keep reading to find out more.

Bright & Shiny Things

Being bold and shiny are two great accessories for this year. Play with the combination with shiny lips and bold eyes or shiny eyes and bold lips — as Lady Gaga perfects in this pic. Whatever you choose to do be bold and bring out the glittery makeup to kick the year off in true Vogue-esque style!

Bette Davis Eyes

As always, your eyes will be the focal point of your look, and bold brows and lashes will help enhance your individuality. If you’re planning to go all out with your futuristic eye makeup in 2023, don’t forget to complement it with bold brows and lashes. 

If you’re tired of drawing on your brows every day, consider getting a Lash Lift and Microbladed Brows. A Lash Lift involves enhancing your natural lashes with a strengthening keratin serum and a brush out, which takes only a few hours and lasts for weeks. 

Microblading, on the other hand, is a semi-permanent application that enhances your brows based on your personality and style. With these beauty treatments, your eyes will look stunning, no matter what makeup or outfits you choose.

Futuristic Beauty Embellishments

It’s a futuristic comeback in 2023 so, why not join in? Fashion embellishments this year are all about metallic silver eyelid stickers and silver bling applied carefully on the face.

Embrace a futuristic makeup routine and have fun experimenting with anything you like. Keep your facial accents simple, as your bright, bold, shiny raver outfits (see trend 3) will already make a statement. 

Make sure to complement each look with the latest trends in beauty and fashion.

This trend revolves around mixing and matching bright colors and adding shiny accessories like purses and chain belts. While the 90s grunge look has been in style recently, this trend is all about adding more color and shine to your outfits. 

Who doesn’t love neon green shoes with a bright orange and pink blouse and pants? Let’s show off the brightest wardrobe possible!