Hallelujah! Women left and right are throwing in the plastic surgery and botox towel in exchange for the latest trend of natural-looking enhancements. We’re not saying we’re not fans of whatever makes someone happy, we’re just saying if you’re going to get something done, why not have it look as natural as possible.

Nip Tuck vs Microblading

Each of us were born with natural-looking beauty and we should relish in that. For those that want a nip tuck, well, you do you girl and we’re all for it. But we’re also super fans of the latest beauty trend that doesn’t last a lifetime. It’s better known as microblading and everyone from Mandy Moore to Lena Dunham as well as Mila Kunis and Gwen Stefani are opting for this semi-permanent beauty look.

Bladed Brows

It first started with the brows. It’s the ideal solution for fixing up those odds and ends while providing a completely polished brow look without having them permanently etched on your face for a lifetime. Seriously, microbladed brows are changing the beauty world and for the better. It’s not permanent so in a few years if you want to change your look, just stop getting touch-ups or work with your microblading artist to alter your look over time. It’s like a hairstylist for your eyebrows!

Cateye Liner

If you’re anything like us, you know that perfecting that damn cat eyeliner can be just difficult. Even if you practice for hours on end, sometimes the eyeliner just gets away from you, which is why microblading eyeliner is simple epic. Again, not long-term permanent, so you don’t have to worry about beauty trends changing, but amazing enough that it’s perfected and you don’t have to worry about it washing off and starting over every day.

Lip Color

Microblading isn’t just changing the way our eyes pop, but now you can have a color microbladed to your lips for a temporary pop of color that lessens the time it takes to get up and get ready in the morning. Do you think Beyonce was referring to microblading when she ‘woke up like this?’ Want to learn more about getting some polished brows yourself? Then click here and get yours today!