Every week, leaders of the microblading industry are developing additional enhancements — from microshading and 6D brows to lip blushing and tinting — microblading is here to stay and here’s how you can join the beauty revolution for your own benefit.

A Flexible Career That Supports Your Schedule — Cosmetology School Not Required

As a coveted microblading artist, you have the opportunity to bring a specific skillset to the industry that is much sought-after. Whether you have gone through the two-year cosmetology programs or this is your first jaunt into the beauty industry, microblading is a great entry point just as it’s a fantastic addition to your beauty services.

Microblading has evolved beyond being a mere trend. It’s found it’s permanent foothold in the beauty industry and customers are clamoring at the broad reach of services within microblading treatments.

Having this skillset allows you to set your schedule and clients cater to how much you want to work. Being a microblading artist also leverages opportunities beyond being booked a timeslot for drop-ins at just any salon. It allows you to call the shots and make as much or as little as you like based on your schedule.

So if you’re a mom that needs to run kids to school or help support them in their online environments — you can make available the times you want to work with what work best for your family. On the other side of that is if you’re ready to plunge headfirst into the microblading world — you can book as many clients as you’d like to support your craft. MicroBladers Artists have reported earnings upward of $2,000 per week and that doesn’t include tips. Not a bad haul for getting to work with amazing clients, on your own schedule, and really make a difference in someone’s life.

Complete Your Training in Las Vegas

The best microblading training in Las Vegas is at the revolutionary MicroBladers Studio + Academy located in the heart of this epic city. Learn from accredited master microblading artists in this world-class facility that offers all the amenities and more. Think remote-controlled smart rooms — each with Alexa devices for temperature, lighting, and music choices — that are bookable when you begin to garner clients.

The training academy was designed to cater to intimate classroom sizes catering to hands-on learning environments. Interactive learning is the basis for MicroBladers based on years of experience and feedback from would-be microblading artists. The industry has evolved rapidly, which, unfortunately, means that some microblading artists charge for training and apprenticeships, but don’t actually train or apprentice their new learners. MicroBladers feels that it’s not about simply getting your certification, but learning the skills to take an artist further in their career. MicroBladers wants to produce highly-skilled artists that can earn their true potential as well as build a brand following that supports them. Besides that, when it comes to bringing a blade to someone’s face it is very imperative that you’re well trained and able to build a brand around your artistry and skill.

Earn Apprenticeship Hours With Actual Live Models and Patrons

As noted earlier, it’s important that when starting a career in microblading, you have the opportunity to learn, earn money, and further your craft in real-world scenarios.

With MicroBladers, you’ll learn from not only hands-on learning and observation, but when you sign up for your apprenticeship, MicroBladers allows you to earn money as you build your apprenticeship hours. A truly revolutionary concept to offered through your everyday microblading training courses. What are you waiting for — chat with a MicroBladers Trainer today to learn more about how you can take your skills further, make money, build around your own schedule, and have a career that makes you truly happy.

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