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By June 25, 2022 August 26th, 2022 Artist Life, Education

There has never been a better time to become a microblading artist than today. The industry is booming and many of those non-microbladed brow people who were nervous about getting their brows done up, well, they’ve finally joined the bandwagon realizing how incredible it is to save time, money, and frustrations with getting microbladed brows. That means that the industry is ripe with clients and not enough artists. Essentially, we’re looking at many microbladed eyebrow artists being booked out for 3 to 6 months. This allows new artists to train in and easily build a consistent list of client’s to keep them busy and ensure they’re making money. Okay, so, you’re ready to start your microblading career, now what?

Get Skilled

A group of women graduating Microblading Academy

The first step is to learn the ins and outs of the trade. The best way to do that is by signing up for coursework at a reputable microblading establishment. If you live in a more rural area of the country where you may not have access to a lot of solid microblading artistry schools, then you actually have an advantage. Think of it this way, you  can travel somewhere to get trained in — like Las Vegas for example — then you can go back to where you live and corner the market by being the best microblading artist, possibly even open your own shop franchise. 

If you’re headed to Las Vegas for your training, you’re in luck as MicroBladers Studio + Academy is located there and the absolute ideal place to get certified and skilled up in the microblading business. You can take a weekend course — or several — designed to give you hands-on experience. 

MicroBladers Studio + Academy also offers apprenticeship opportunities, which will allow you to begin building a following, earn money, acquire more experience — and all under the watchful eyes of your esteemed master-level artist and instructor. 

Build Clients

Women practicing Microblading

Again, thanks the masterful setup of MicroBladers Studio + Academy, you can get skilled and certified, while also taking a few extra courses in varied skills such as microshading or aeriola pigmentation shading — all of which will be excellent skills to take back to your clients. 

There’s no easier way to “sell-up” a client than when they sit in your place of business chatting with you about the beauty treatments that they want, which you can easily begin to get your finger on the pulse of what clients are asking for and head back to MicroBladers Studio + Academy to learn the skills so you can very easily begin to offer your clients. This, in turn, will help you make money in a business that allows you to build your own schedule and hours while maximizing profit with consistent clients that will keep returning time and again to you.

As we said, there is no better time to become a microblading artist and build a booming career in the beauty industry. Learn more here.

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