Finding the Right Brow Shape for Your Face

By June 25, 2021 July 17th, 2022 Education

So, you’re ready to get your microbladed brow on, but not sure which treatment is best for you or unsure which look you want. Don’t worry, we’ll break down the most popular and trending beauty brow looks to help you get your microblader on and find the right brow shape for your face

Microbladed Brow

The classic microbladed brow is ideal for anyone that wants to achieve a well-polished, face-framing feature from brows without too many bells and whistles. The microblading technique really is at the heart of enhancing one’s all-natural beauty. Using a single, specialized blade, your microblading artist gently works in the direction of your natural brows and creates hair-like strokes that make up your elegant, new brow. While microbladed brows can be applied to all skin types, it works best on those with normal to drier skin. For those with oiler or combination skin types, microshading is a recommended alternative enhancement.

Example of micro bladed brow

Microshaded Brow

The microshaded brow is exactly what it sounds like and delivers a well-defined, yet soft overall appearance to your brows. While it still frames the face very well and helps to enhance the look of your eyes, it uses the microshade technique.

Microshading is slightly different from the hair like, hand-drawn strokes of the microblade technique. Instead, a permanent makeup machine (PMU) is used, which has multiple blades on the tip of the tool and adds the softer look to the brow. Microshading is ideal for those that have oily skin, which can sometimes cause the microblade technique to require a few more passes is order to take.

Combination Brow Shape

A combination brow uses two different techniques to achieve the overall look of both dense and sparse brows. Using the microblader technique to achieve the feather-like, hand-drawn hair strokes first, then your microblading artist seamlessly and naturally integrates the powder brow — achieved by the microshaded PMU technique. A microblade and microshade combo is perfect for all skin types, but adds an extra bit of texture for those that want to fuse the best of both worlds.

Example of a combination brow shape

Ombre Brow Shape

Using the same technique as the combination brow — but with a bit more trend-setting edge to it — the ombre brow is for the fearless fashionista. Taking the incredibly gorgeous ombre hairstyle to another level, the ombre brow offers a light-to-dark gradient effect to your brows.

Not for the faint beauty lover, this is a bold look for those that choose to go big or go home — in the brow world, that is. While the combination brow goes from microblade to microshade, the ombre brow goes from a lighter shade to a dark blade and is a very ‘fashion-forward’ look that is sure to turn heads.

Get started with a free eyebrow consultation and if you’re still not sure which look would best suit your face, your MicroBladers Artist can design the right brow shape customize a look just for you.

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