Are you longing to start a new career in the beauty industry? There has never been a better time than now. And you don’t have to consider spending thousands of dollars on cosmetology school nor do you have to throw in the towel with your wishes to get into the beauty world.

Consider becoming a MicroBlader Artist. You can learn and obtain certification as well as begin to develop a strong roster of clientele.

Sign up for a MicroBlader Artist Course

The first step in becoming a microblader is to sign up to experience a course. It’s important that you’re intrigue and skillset as well as love of people align perfectly in your newly sought career. If needles and/or handling such tools that create permanence upon your clientele do not

A microblader artist checking her phone

Obtain An Apprenticeship Program

To truly take your apprenticeship skillset to the next level and actually fashion a career will require you to garner an apprentice. Choosing someone who can not only legally certify your skill set after several months as well as teach you how to improve your microblading skills is a necessity.

Many microblading apprenticeships have been associated with “instructors” who wait six months and sign off on a certification, which does nothing to help you actually build a career. Interview your potential apprentice instructor to ensure that you will achieve hands-on learning, income, and improve your skill set — all required to launch your own microblading career.

Continue To Build Your Clientele

The best thing about obtaining a solid microblading apprenticeship is that you begin to build your clientele naturally. A requirement of a microblading apprenticeship is to practice their recently learned skills on actual clients.

Many clients love the idea of getting an apprentice not just because they know the skills will be on par, but also will be less expensive than seeing, for example, a master-level microblading artist. Either way, the more clients you see, the more clients who will return to see you as your skillset grows, which is exactly what is needed to develop and devoting list of dedicated clientele.

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