Every detail on our skin becomes part of our defining traits. They add to our quirks and personalities and can often be attractive depending on people’s tastes. Freckles are no different. And so are people! Some may want to cover them just a little and others may want to highlight them. That’s the beautiful thing about cosmetics — you can do either or a little of both! The type of base or foundation you use will have an impact on your various facial features. With the new technology called BB Glow, you can wear semi-permanent BB cream so you don’t need to worry about that aspect each and every time you put makeup on.

What Are Freckles Exactly?

It’s interesting that freckles are basically a splatter of melanin which is a natural occurrence across different ethnicities. They are effects of genetics and sun exposure. Because we’re all different, how you want to wear them is totally up to you and you shouldn’t feel bad about hiding or highlighting them.  

Building from Light

An effective way to work with freckles is to keep your foundation light and then build on it based on your preferences. Choose a light tint that matches your skin tone. This way, you can easily blend concealers or powders to either hide or lighten your freckles or make them shine through.   microbladed browsBB Glow or semi-permanent foundation is a form of cosmetic tattooing. It uses cosmetic micro-needles to deposit pigment under the skin’s surface layers. Before your treatment, you and your artist will determine the best shade or pigment that looks most natural on you. If natural is the kind of look you’re going for, then BB Glow is a great choice but it’s important that you find an artist and a microblading facility that also focuses on enhancing natural beauty. Take a look at the results of their other semi-permanent makeup procedures like microblading and microshading. Make sure to look at their Instagram photos, too. It’s a great way to filter them out based on where you are because IG has location tagging so if you’re looking for BB Glow or microblading in Las Vegas, you can just search for related hash tags and see different artists and studios.  

Choosing Your Coverage

BB Glow Treatment ApplicationLike any foundation, you can choose from light, medium to full coverage foundation. This will be your biggest consideration if you decide to cover your freckles a bit more. The benefit of semi-permanent BB cream is that you no longer have to “spot-treat” each area. Despite its name, BB Glow uses pigments and not an actual BB cream product which makes it more effective in covering freckles and skin imperfections like wrinkles, dark spots, and uneven skin tone. When it comes to beauty styles, we truly believe that you should feel beautiful in your own skin.  This is what our expert artists persistently do in all our eyebrow microblading and lash lifting services here at MicroBladers Studio.   Disclaimer: The MicroBladers BB Glow procedure is a cosmetic service and NOT a therapeutic treatment like medical micro-needling. I understand that MicroBladers BB Glow is a process that involves applying permanent blush pigments into the outermost layer of skin (epidermis) and is intended to last only for several weeks up to several months, depending on the number of applications. MicroBladers BB Glow is first and foremost, a micro-pigmentation process and while it covers up blemishes and provides an even skin tone, it is not meant to resolve any underlying skin concerns.