Ever heard of holistic facials? Don’t worry, we hadn’t really either. But the likes of Jennifer Aniston and Emma Stone have been participating in the practice of crystals for increased all-natural beauty, health and well being. It’s the latest beauty craze trending right alongside the highly popular 3D brows. The practice may have resurfaced recently as a phenomenal trend of using crystal tools for facial massages, but the art of healing crystals goes back centuries. Very popular in Eastern Medicine and more specifically with Chinese medicine, the use of crystals as massage tools is known as gua sha. Crystals are also very popular with Ayurvedic medicine, which is in large part integrated with some yoga practices. The way it works is by using a flat or rounded crystal such as jade or rose quartz then by rubbing it on the face gently to transfer the healing energies of the stone to your face or body. If it sounds a bit hokey, we understand, but we tried it and were pleasantly surprised with the results. More specifically, we used a rose quartz roller. Now there are facial options and skin care products infused with crystals or rose quartz mined from the purest jungles of the Amazon, but those also will set you back a pretty big penny as well. We started with a simple rose quartz roller. Just be sure that you’re not getting a knock of rose quartz otherwise the benefits are pretty much you rubbing a rock on your face. Rose quartz is known as the healing and beautifying stone. It’s a simple process, you take the roller and massage your face. You want to ensure you have a clean face with no makeup on. The roller will increase the likelihood of skin absorption for any product coupled with your rose quartz roller facial massage. Meaning, if you’ve never done this before, don’t slather on a product you’ve never used and run the risk of a bad reaction. When finished, you’ll notice your skin is tighter, more relaxed and it has a dual purpose of preventing wrinkles while soothing and depuffing your skin. Seriously, as odd as it sounds, give it a try and you’ll see why celebs and beauty enthusiasts alike are running to the spas for crystal-infused beautification! Check out other beauty trends like eyebrow microblading or face microneedling here.