What Is Paramedical Ink & How Where Can I Get It Done?

By December 21, 2022 Education

Paramedical ink is an incredible opportunity for those who have lost confidence due to a skin condition, a noticeable scar, or even a regrettable tattoo.

Paramedical artistry is becoming a well-respected space among microblading artists as similar semi-permanent enhancements are made using microblading tools. It’s better than going directly to a tattoo artist who is likely not well-trained in color theory and skin conditions. 

Paramedical artistry is a term that refers to the use of cosmetic procedures to improve the appearance of scars, birthmarks, and other skin conditions that may be considered medically necessary. Some microblading artists have received training in paramedical artistry, which means they have the skills and knowledge to use microblading techniques to address specific medical issues or concerns.

Not limited to 3D Areola Restoration, paramedical microblading can be used for the following and more:

Areola Restoration Client
  • cover regrettable tattoos
  • using color theory to counteract rosacea
  • blending unsightly scars
  • restore skin imperfections
  • repair nipples following cancer or scarring

It’s important to know that whatever issue you may be dealing with, you can regain your confidence with microblading paramedical ink. Your microblading artist is trained well to address all types of potential issues and will work with you to restore your confidence through an appointment. 

Care and confidence are ensured, so you have the safest and most comfortable experience. You’ve been through enough, and your well-trained microblading artist knows this. It’s important to avoid going to a typical tattoo artist where a typical tattoo gun is used. With microblading paramedical ink, your artist will use specialized tools and apply the right pressure so as not to further damage. 

Some tattoo artists have heavy hands, which can lead to an uncomfortable experience. Microblading artists are well-trained in how to apply correct pressure with appropriate pigmentation shading to allow for the best experience and best outcome to achieve your desired look. 
Learn more with a free consultation about how you can achieve confidence again after whatever experience leads you to a microblading paramedical ink appointment.