You have now earned your microblading certificate and are on your way to developing a flourishing career in the beauty business. So, what comes next? There are a few steps you need to undertake to establish your career that will soon be boiling over with profit and success.   

Get Your Financial IQ In Check

Earning your microblading certificate if only the first step in your journey. In order to turn a profit, you need to have an understanding about how and when to pay taxes, complete the correct type of paperwork, and know how much you can invest in things such as new trainings or additional materials. The imperative side of developing a thriving business is to have a financial IQ. It’s not as difficult as you’d think to acquire and some salons such as MicroBladers Studio + Academy offer trainings on occasion to help. So be sure to keep tabs on their events calendar.

Locate A Studio Space

Studio space after someone earned their microblading certificate

If you have yet to find the perfect place to call your shop, don’t fret and definitely don’t even attempt to start a microblading business out of your kitchen. That won’t work and you’ll be violating state laws while also displacing your newly acquired talents. Instead, find a shared studio space like MicroBladers Studio + Academy.

The art of microblading is ingrained in every layer of MicroBladers, which is why the incredible owners developed a shared studio space to allow new microblading artists a chance to book appointments for clients and work as much or as little as they, as the microblading artist, would like. With Studio Share, the room is always prepped and ready to go, with beautiful and modern décor impressing both you and your clients. This is the perfect way to build your clientele, your income, and your profession.

Studio space after someone earned their microblading certificate

Build Your Clientele

The great part about building clientele is that there is no shortage of patrons who wish to have their eyebrows made beautiful. The best way to do so is to ensure you work your apprenticeship at a well-established facility that is known for supporting students. Again, MicroBladers Studio + Academy offers a couple of options for apprenticeship. Working as an apprentice not only helps you build your clientele, but also enhances your skills. Learn more about the apprentice program here.

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