Your Microblading Beauty Enhancement Checklist for 2023

By March 13, 2023 Uncategorized

Your Microblading Beauty Enhancement Checklist for 2023

We’re well into a new year and in an evolved pandemic world, it feels that the world is, again, our oyster. So, make this the year you invest in yourself and let your true beauty shine through. 

What better way to do this than to book those microblading beauty enhancements that you’ve been holding out for to really help complement your all-natural beauty. We’ve got our list of recommended enhancements this year and checked it twice, so be sure to gift yourself the following and enjoy a ‘woke up like this’ kind of year for the record books!

  1. Brow Beauty
    While you may have perfected the art of drawing in your brows on the daily, come summer — think pool time and heat — you’ll likely be in the water and/or sweating for whatever your local climate is, making drawn-in brows a messy debacle.

    This year, connect with your microblading artist to get the perfect set of beautiful brows and toss those brow pencils to the wayside. Not only will you have more time simply rolling out of bed, but your brow game will be so on-point, you’ll question why you didn’t do this sooner.
  2. Lip Blush & Tint
    Similar to getting your brows complete, when you get a microbladed Lip Blush + Tint, your world will be forever changed. In a process that uses a permanent makeup (PMU) machine is used following a numbing cream placed on the lips. Essentially your microblading artist will blend a beautiful natural-looking color onto your lips. 

The end result is a powerful pout that will have you starring in the mirror in awe of how plump and perfect your revived pout is with the Lip Blush + Tint. It truly does make your lips look bigger, no Botox needed, because your lip will be well-lined and come back to life.

  1. Lash Lift & Tint
    Loving your lash extensions is a thing of the past and whether you’re noticing much thinner lashes or increased breakage and you simply want to take a pause from the intense work of lash extensions, the best way to strengthen your lashes is with a Lash Lift + Tint.

    Essentially, a keratin serum is applied to your lashes and a silicone rod, which helps shape your all-natural lashes back into a lifting curl. Keratin is a natural ingredient produced in our bodies that helps strengthen our hair and nails. The application onto your lashes will help heal and strengthen them. With a tint, your lashes will appear bolder and brighter helping to further enhance the lashes you were already born with. You’ll be ready to bat those lashes at the world.

Bonus Enhancement: Small Microbladed Tattoo
Did you know that while getting your microblading beauty enhancement complete, you can also get that tiny tattoo you’ve always longed for and for which are trending like crazy right now?! Just ask your microblading artist about their artistic skills and if they’re offering tiny microblading tattoos.