microblading training in studio

Beauty specialists are undoubtedly among the most dedicated professionals in the world. They find pleasure in seeking new ways to help people feel good about themselves and today, more than ever, it can be done in the most natural way possible. Modern techniques in semi-permanent cosmetics present more career opportunities for aspiring artists. But if you don’t have prior PMU (permanent makeup) experience, where do you start? 

Microblading Tools

PMU can be intimidating for aestheticians who have never handled PMU tools. Combined with expectations of perfection and the niche being highly specialized, it’s understandable why some would be scared to take on the challenge. But with help from the experts and a relentless desire to excel, microblading and other PMU enhancements can be your next and maybe your best specialization.  

The Beauty Industry Thrives On the Changing Trends 

If you’ve worked in salons or even other fashion fields, you would know that the industry thrives on the changing trends. Sure, you may be very good at plucking eyebrows or applying makeup for the bridal entourage but times are changing and if you want to stay in the game, it doesn’t hurt to learn new skills.  

Being a microblading artist is an opportunity to expand and be more self-sufficient. It can become a lucrative career which is just one reason why artists want to become microblading experts.  

Microblading is Just An Upgrade of Tools 

Microblading Tools

Before we used tweezers, there were more primitive tools in shaping eyebrows. Think of microblading as simply using more updated tools of eyebrow enhancement. If you’ve learned how to shape eyebrows with your current tools, you can learn microblading techniques. 

Is Microblading Suitable for Beginners? 

Talent may be naturally acquired but skills are learned and they are always improved by training and experience. But you have to start somewhere. There are microblading artists who previously worked as eyebrow tattoo artists but there are also those who have no prior PMU experience and many of them become successful microblading artists.  

Here at MicroBladers Studio + Academy, our master artists have designed training courses, suitable from beginner to advanced levels. In our one-day private training, you will be given a comprehensive course including microblading theories and practical applications.  

In fact, we recommend artists to start with microblading before moving on to other techniques such as Microshading and recently, Nano Strokes.  

Getting Certified 

Once you’ve completed a microblading training course, you will be given a certificate of completion. This will help you become a certified microblading artist. You will then need to gather experience which you will get with an apprenticeship program.  Here at MicroBladers, we give artists the opportunity to earn while they learn.  

The most important thing is to learn from the best. Learn from what the masters have learned when they started. And remember to never stop advancing your skills.