Failure vs. Success: Why Picking the Right Microblading Academy Matters

By April 2, 2021 May 10th, 2021 Business, Education

Microbladed brows and all the wonderful treatments are associated with this skillset are in hot demand. One report recently found that the need for microbladers was 3 times the amount of available microbladers. With masks as a new accessory for us, many individuals are flocking to their local microblader studio to get sexy brows to don with their masks.

Additionally, because you aren’t required to have gone to cosmetology school to become a microblader, it is very attainable to switch professions into the beauty world or add a little side hustle.

With the high demand for microblader artists comes the unfortunate aspect of people springing up left and right trying to make an extra dollar by “helping” others get microblading certified. Horror stories are out there of people being swindled right out of their money or once they’ve paid to become certified, their teacher simply becomes too busy to teach them. However, these teachers are still passing students without actually helping.

Who in their right mind would pass a student and send them blade-in-hand into the world with no experience? Well, it’s happening, unfortunately. That’s why it’s extremely important to vet your microblading teach and school well before committing.

Don’t get bummed that swindlers are a thing — do stay excited about becoming a microblader, just do some pre-homework to make sure that you will be set up for success in your new career.

How do you pick a good microblading academy?

Best advice you’ll get is to stay curious and trust your gut. If you find a microblading academy on Google, don’t just grab your credit card and go for broke. Look around the microblading school’s website and their social media accounts. If you’re not seeing images of their work or testimonials from past students, you might want to rethink that school.

Read the social comments and if the school has videos, watch those.

And most importantly call to chat with someone.

If a few grand is not a thing to you and you feel good about signing up without doing any research — we only wish we could rock that way. However, a number of horror stories that we’ve witnessed of people getting scammed doesn’t go unnoticed to us. In fact, when students come to us talking about a bad microblading training experience that they encountered prior to finding us, it makes us work harder to do our best for you — a fresh-faced microblading artist.

The staff at MicroBladers Academy + Studio Las Vegas are always willing to chat with you even if you live in Corpus Christi, Texas and swinging to Vegas for microblading is only a dream you’re slightly considering, we’re still happy to chat and help. Providing you with the insights you need and the answers to the questions you should be asking to be successful is important to us. We have one goal and it’s to help aspiring microbladers become successful artists in the industry.

Do you have to be an esthetician to become a microblader?

Nope, in fact, you don’t need any experience in the beauty industry at all. That’s the great thing about microblading certification, as long as you choose the right academy, you’ll get more out of your microblading tuition than you ever imagined.

It is all about picking the right microblading certification so that you find success. At MicroBladers Academy + Studio, we offer a number of classes to help you find success — from permanent makeup (PMU) techniques to brow mapping and everything in between. If you’re ready for a successful career as a microblading technician then start by visiting our site. When you’re ready, give us a call, we’re here for you.

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