MicroScalping: A Non-Invasive Hair Loss Treatment for Women

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Hair loss among women occurs for a number of reasons. Whether you suffer from prolonged, severe hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, alopecia, or just general overall hair loss, a non-invasive hair loss treatment may be able to solve for the hair loss.

Microblading hairline has helped provide a minimally invasive, semi-permanent treatment to hair loss among women. As microblading exploded across Europe and North America several years ago supplying hundreds of thousands of beautified brows, artists began helping clients that had more than just sparse brows, but sparse hairlines and crowns as well. 

Applying microblading to the hairline quickly helped women suffering from hair loss with an opportunity to have realistic hair strokes applied to the hairline and provide the illusion of thicker, fuller hair.

While microblading hairline has helped so many women, it was only the beginning. Thanks to new technology — advanced microblading equipment — women with hair loss are finding the technique known as MicroScalping to enhance their hairlines and improve hair loss in less time in a completely non-invasive hair loss treatment.

Image of women getting a Non-Invasive Hair Loss Treatment

What is MicroScalping?

MicroScalping uses an augmented permanent makeup (PMU) machine that utilizes a staccato motion to provide hairstrokes with absolutely evenness. Allowing for pigmentation into the depositing skin layer. The final result is the appearance of evenly layered hair-like strokes located all around the area of where the scalp hair loss previously occurred. 

Who is a good candidate for MicroScalping?

Those with receding hairlines, thinning hair, or those with partly balding areas but have not lost all of their hair. Your MicroScalping artist will begin by determining your desired area of hair restoration and drawing the area of where you’d like to receive the treatment. Then your artist will begin using the MicroScalping tool  with the staccato motion to create hair-like strokes

Ready to put hair loss into the past? Contact MicroBladers today for a free consultation on MicroScalping.

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