How to Wake Up with Effortless Perfect Eyebrows

Woman Doing Eye MakeupHave you ever felt like you’re wrestling with your eyebrows? Forcing it to take the shape that you want or be the thickness that you want but it just wouldn’t turn out right. Yeah, we’ve all been there. When doing our own eyebrows, most of us get several things wrong. Hopefully, you don’t end up with some of the horrible eyebrow disasters. Ever experienced the following: ending up with crooked brows that you have to redo everything from scratch, color not blending nicely with your makeup, or doing it too long or too short? What if there is a way to get perfect brows each and every time without all the tedious routine? Microblading technology makes it possible for you to have have the right shape of brows with just the right shade and thickness that suits your face, without you having to do all the work. It’s a semi-permanent enhancement that will save you so much time and effort.

Wake Up Feeling Naturally Beautiful!

With microbladed brows, you can get up every morning feeling confident that you look naturally beautiful. You don’t have to worry about trimming your brows or choosing the right shape and color. What makes microblading a better choice than other eyebrow enhancements like tattooing is the fact that they look so real.Natural Effortless Microbladed Brows Microblading artists use micro needles to create hairlike strokes on your brow area and the result is naturally lush brows. The true gift of microblading is that you do not have to alter your appearance at all. At our studio, we believe that you natural look is your best look and all it needs is a little enhancement. Microblading Using Micro NeedlesIf you’re in the Las Vegas area and want to find a microblading artist in Las Vegas, our artists here at MicroBladers Studio + Academy can help you. During your session, your artist will consider all your facial features to determine the right eyebrow shape and color that best suits you. Another option for those who have over plucked their brows or have oilier skin than normal, is microshading. See if you are a great candidate for microshading or microfeathering instead.

More Than Just Saving Time

Getting microbladed brows will not only save you a tremendous amount of time. It will also save you money. Just try to think of how much you have to spend each year on cosmetic products for your brows alone — eyebrow brushes, pencils, powders, and maybe even stencils for some. That may not amount to much initially but over time, you may be surprised at the accumulated cost. If you’re not very skilled at trimming or plucking your eyebrows, there is the added cost of going to a salon to have it groomed by a stylist. While microbladed brows also require touchups every now and then, the amount of time and frustration that it saves you make it worth the investment. Find a microblading artist in Las Vegas here.