When it comes to enhancing your beauty, it gets no better than a non-surgical approach to boosting your look. We’re talking about lip microblading with a Lip Blush + Tint to give you that “Come Hither Lips” look.

Come Hither Lips Example

What Is Lip Microblading?

Lip microblading is a semi-permanent process in which a permanent makeup (PMU) machine adds a subtle yet fully pigmented lip shade. This process is slightly different from the standard eyebrow microblading which commonly uses a specialized handheld blade to create hair-like strokes when the pigment is applied for the illusion of a well-formed and fuller brow.

With lip microblading, the process is mostly related to a brow microshading enhancement. With microshading, the PMU machine — made up of a pen-like tool that is similar to a tattoo machine — creates minute dots of pigment onto the skin. This results in the appearance of extremely soft and full pigmentation. This results in a gorgeous application of soft and fuller-looking lips when applied to the lips.

What Is A Lip Blush And Tint?

Lip Blush and Tint is a process of lip microblading in which a medical-grade numbing cream is first applied to the lips. Your microblading artist will help you determine the ideal lip shade that matches your natural coloring and complexion. 

While still numb, your microblading artist will begin using the PMU machine, which is made up of minuscule blades to begin the process. Your chosen color will also be applied with the PMU machine. Your artist will help deepen the appearance of your natural lip color while creating a well-defined lip line to enhance your lips’ look.
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