Ready For A New Tiny Tattoo? Your Microblading Artist Can Help

By November 29, 2022 Spotlight

Whether you have 39 tattoos to date or none, when you’re ready for a tiny tattoo, you’re simply ready. So, you think you need to wait to get in with your usual go-to tat artist or you’ve heard good things about the guy at the specialty shop across town, but he’s booked for 4 months. 

There’s actually a simple solution to help you act on your impulses much faster and get an adorably tiny tattoo in no time. 

cosmetic tattoo ink

Call your Microblading Artist.

Yep, you read that right. Thanks to the technology that gave you those incredibly on-point brows and those beautifully luscious lips can now help you showcase that cute little tattoo that furthers your self expression. 

We’re not talking about going under the gun to get a full sleeve tattoo. For now, we’d leave that up to the guy at the specialty shop across town. But when it comes to those incredibly trendy tiny tattoos that showcase a word or a butterfly or a symbol that fully captures you and your besties inside jokes, your microblading artist can help. 

Using both the standard specialized microblading tool, which is a blade designed to make small strokes that can be easily filled with pigment, as well as that of a permanent makeup (PMU) machine that helps to soften the strokes of the standard microblading tool, your microblading artist can provide a simple, stylish tiny tattoo anywhere on your body. 
Opting for a simple design of pure self-expression is the best way to don that irresistible idea of your next tattoo. Check out some of the tiny tattoo trends that may help inspire you for your next date with some artsy ink.