Beauty artists enter the world of cosmetology for different reasons. For those of us who have come to realize the value of helping people feel great about themselves, we know that a career in cosmetics is much more than what it seems for professionals in other fields. There is something infinitely fulfilling when you help boost someone’s confidence.

What’s in it for me?…

If eyebrow enhancement is your chosen specialization or one of your specializations, you’re in luck because eyebrow microblading is thriving and it’s only going to get better moving forward. If you’re not yet very familiar with the treatment, microblading is a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure and it’s taking the beauty industry by storm. It is a great alternative to tattooing and it promises a lucrative career for professional beauty artists.

BUT FIRST! Before we start giving you a list of reasons why you should choose a career in microblading, the most important questions you should ask are those that are directed to YOU. First, ask yourself, why are you even interested? No amount of external factors can convince you to become a PMU (permanent makeup) artist if it’s not in your inclination. We are not here to persuade anybody to enroll in classes because we know —the people who truly have the talent and the kind of passion needed to thrive in this industry will naturally gravitate toward us. But, we are here to talk about you.

Here are some things you can ask yourself that will help you consider if this is the right career path:

What to ask before getting into Microblading…

Your Relationship with Beauty

No matter how much society has changed and how our perceptions of beauty have evolved, we cannot change the fact that it feels good to like what you see in the mirror. People say, it’s not what’s outside that matters but your character and personality. That is absolutely true and we agree! But does it hurt to also look great physically?

No one. There is no one in this world who would tell you that they don’t want to look good. At least, if they’re being honest. Now, there are those who feel totally comfortable with how they look even without makeup and this is an entirely different case. Because there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. People in the beauty industry, or more specifically, our industry: semi-permanent cosmetics, are not out to tell everyone what they should do with their appearance. We are here for those who seek enhancements because guess what? There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to improve how you look, either! If you want to make it in the world of beauty, you need to understand this fundamental concept.

So, how about you? What is your relationship with your outward appearance? If like us, you want to help people feel more confident, then you’re on the right track.

Your Understanding of Cosmetic Enhancements

The reason why there is so much negativity around the beauty industry as a whole is because we’ve been led to believe that in order to be beautiful, you need to look a certain way or resemble a certain celebrity.

Well, great news! Those days are gone. Here at MicroBladers Studio + Academy, we are focused on enhancing our client’s natural looks. The beauty of semi-permanent makeup is that it is no longer limited to full alterations. It is no longer either-or. You can still be you, just… hotter and happier about how you look.

natural looking micro bladed brows

Think about eyebrow microblading. This super popular treatment is one of the most sought-after PMU procedures. Why? Because the results look so natural that it’s barely noticeable. People will just think you’ve finally perfected your makeup routine. But what if you want to enhance it a little further? There’s a treatment for that as well: Microshading, Ombre Brows, and the list goes on. Semi-permanent cosmetics is so versatile that there is always something you can offer to your clients, no matter their preferences.

These will all be discussed further if you read on.

Becoming a MicroBlading Artist: What’s in it for you?

Now, for the more exciting part. What can you get out of a career in microblading? If you’ve responded positively to the considerations above, then now it’s time to ask if this is something that will also benefit you, not just intrinsically but financially as well.

We seek jobs and venture into business so we that can also take care of ourselves and those we love. Is there money in microblading? Absolutely! Is it a fulfilling job?

Well, here are the benefits of becoming a microblading artist:


If you read up on Forbes’ reports, you will be delighted to know that microblading is a billion dollar industry. You heard that right. $455 billion, to be exact. We know what you’re thinking. Wouldn’t you have to invest tons of cash and time to get a slice of that profit?

Those who have gone to cosmetology schools will tell you it can get really pricey to get training and certification before you can practice. With semi-permanent cosmetics, the cost is not at all that high yet, the returns are worth so much the investment.

A reputable microblading training establishment will not just teach you how to perfect your craft. They will also help you become self-sufficient. With proper training and dedication, a microblading artist can start earning $2,000 a week or more. Most beginner artists start charging around $100 per hour. Even if you start with only one client a day for 5 days a week, that is still $2,000 a month! As you get better and start getting more referrals, you have every right to increase your fees and the cash will just keep flowing.

I’d like to go ahead and look at Microblading Courses.


The best part of it is that you can become your own boss and work on your own schedule and this freedom is priceless.  Depending on the facility where you practice, you can set appointments around your activities, of course, taking your clients’ schedule into consideration as well.

So, it is really important to choose an establishment that allows you to work in this way. You might also want to inquire about how much of the fees will go to you. In our Studio Share Program, artists pay a small fee to use our facility and equipment and they get to keep whatever they charge their clients.

PMU artist happy with her work

Take Pride in What You Do

Once you have established yourself as a microblading artist, you will be surprised at how your client list grows. A lot of artists find that this gives them a real sense of accomplishment. The key is to learn the techniques and to continuously seek for growth.

Transforming People’s Lives

Aside from being a stimulating profession, a career in microblading can be very rewarding far beyond financial gains. Helping a woman achieve her best look without completely altering her appearance is a gift that is worth more than you might think. Imagine how you would transform the life of someone who has lost her brows due to an illness or a common grooming mistake that is difficult to reverse. Your client’s smile at the end of the session says it all.

These are just some of the benefits you will enjoy if you choose microblading as your next career.

I’d like to go ahead and look at Microblading Courses.

Unofficial Live Demo for Apprentices

The next step is to look for the right training establishment. Certification requirements and regulations vary per state. If you’re looking for microblading training in Las Vegas, make sure to do a thorough check of what is included in the courses. Choose a microblading academy that also supports your continuous growth. A top-notch academy will offer training courses from beginner to advanced levels, and MUST provide a certification at the end of your training.

To start officially practicing as a certified artist, you would also need to enroll in an apprenticeship program which will give you the hands-on experience you need in order to provide high-quality service.

Microblading is a highly specialized profession. It is far less competitive than other career fields. The key to success is being equipped with the best training you can get. Learn more about how you can find a top microblading apprenticeship program here.