Venturing into semi-permanent cosmetics is undoubtedly one of the smartest career choices a beauty artist can make today. It’s relatively new and there is a world of opportunities out there, in an industry that’s only expected to keep growing.  

No matter your prior experience in PMU (permanent makeup), you have to start somewhere to establish yourself as a qualified microblading artist. How do you choose the right microblading course and where is the best place to learn?  

Classroom vs Private Training 

Choosing between a group training and private training course really depends on your learning style. While most group courses usually cost less than a private training session, some people benefit more from private training because of the level of attention they receive from the instructor. This is not the same for everybody because other students learn better when in a group environment.  

Here at MicroBladers Studio + Academy, both our classroom and private courses are designed to be as comprehensive and immersive as possible. We limit our group training to only five students to ensure that each person gets the most of their time and money. In both courses, you will receive a microblading supply starter kit so you can practice what you learned.  

When to Attend an Advanced Training Course 

If you’ve had prior PMU experience, you may be tempted to go straight to an advanced training course. Even though your prior experience is an advantage, it’s important to note that microblading uses very different techniques than eyebrow tattooing. It would still be best to complete a beginner microblading course first. 

At our studio, an advanced training course will teach how to become proficient in the Microshading technique. You will be trained to handle a different hand tool combined with a specialized PMU machine and receive a Microshading certificate from MicroBladers.  

Working On As Much Skin As Possible 

After completing a microblading course, it’s important to practice your skills and keep learning from experienced artists. Our Master Artist here at MicroBladers Studio + Academy, Danielle Griesen, encourages new artists to “work on as much skin as possible”.  

microblading in studio

This is something you MUST do in order to be skilled with your tools and be more comfortable working on different skin types and brow styles. A microblading apprenticeship can provide you with this valuable hands-on experience and here at MicroBladers, you will also have the opportunity to earn while being an apprentice.  

Most importantly, choose a microblading training course that’s conducted only by reputable artists from a trusted establishment. MicroBladers is an industry leader in microblading and other eyebrow enhancements. We provide the most comprehensive microblading training in Las Vegas.